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Did Your Phone Take a Swim?

Posted: 7/10/2018 12:42:08 PM

Did Your Phone Take a Swim? Here’s How to Prevent Further Water Damage

Summer is here and with record breaking heat temperatures, the perfect way to cool down is at the pool, rivers and lakes. But what happens if your phone goes swimming too? You might have heard the saying, “put it in rice.” Surprisingly, the rice theory is just that. A theory. Instead of putting your phone in rice this is what what our team at Foxpaw recommends:

1. Turn it off and hold it upright
2. Remove the casing and if you can remove the battery, SIM and microSD cards from their slots
3. Use a clean cloth or towel and soak up all the moisture. Be careful to not spread any liquid.

Blow dry your phone. Heat will cause further damage.
Put it in rice. The sugars and starches can cause further damage.

Water Damage Treatment Before and After

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