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Foxpaw featured Location: Harvester kiosk

Posted: 12/6/2016 6:02:16 PM

At Foxpaw our customers are our number one priority and because of that we want to make your phone and tablet repair experience that much more easy. We now have a kiosk at your friendly neighborhood Schnucks off S Church Rd. Located inside the store, our kiosk will take your order in just minutes. Our kiosk offers you with various repair options from broken screens, to charge ports, to battery replacement and even water dame treatment. We repair phones like the trendy iPhones and GalaxyS phones too. We also have a varied list of tablet repair as well as repairs for them. We understand that accidents happen and that things are not cheap. Foxpaw offers you with low prices and fast service. So don’t put off replacing that broken screen on your iPhone 6 or GalaxyS 7. Just drop of your phone at our kiosk and a tech will repair your phone or tablet quickly and safely. Our kiosk offers you with accessory options as well. Pick from our different phone cases and screen protectors. At Foxpaw we have everything you need to not only fix your phone but protect it too. Look for us at your local Schnucks or visit our website for more details and information about our kiosks and our repairs. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and leave a review while you are there!