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Foxpaw Featured Location in San Antonio: Culebra at Tezel Kiosk

Posted: 1/20/2017 8:43:05 PM

Visit our Culebra at Tezel kiosk today located inside the Walmart and just off Culebra Rd. Our Foxpaw kiosk is easy to use and now more convenient than ever. It’s never been easier to get your phone or tablet screen repaired. The process takes but a few minutes and your order will be ready. Choose the type of phone or tablet you will be dropping off and your order is halfway done. When dropping off your phone or tablet you will have the option to pick the repair you need. If you’re not too sure what exactly is wrong with your phone or tablet, simply choose the free diagnostic option and one of our certified techs will test the phone or tablet and let you know exactly is wrongwith it. You will also be given the options to add a screen protector for the broken iPhone screen or a case for your Galaxy S6. After the order is completed the repair process and fast and easy. Our service is the fast and the cheapest around so you won’t even notice its gone. So whether it’s an iPhone, a Galaxy, an iPad or a Samsung Tab at Foxpaw we can fix it. Visit our Foxpaw page for more information and locations near you or visit your local kiosk to get your phone or tablet repaired today. Make sure to visit our facebook page and like and share while you are there!

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