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Foxpaw Featured Location: Ladue

Posted: 11/25/2016 8:43:28 PM

Running errands all day and between one thing and another it leaves you with no time to fix that broken tablet or phone? Don’t postpone it any longer. Come in today to your local Schnucks located minutes off 170 and drop off your phone or tablet. With easy to follow steps and procedures you will not only get your groceries done but your phone or tablet repaired in no time. We fix any phones from Samsung galaxies to the very popular IPhones. Along with the many selections of phone repairs we also repair tablets and mp3’s. Don’t put off fixing your device any longer. Just drop it off at your local kiosk and you’ll have it back in no time and looking as good as new. Visit us on Facebook and visit our Foxpaw page for information and a Foxpaw kiosk near you.