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How to Protect your Phone from the Summer Heat

Posted: 6/2/2019 7:55:54 PM

Summer is here, and while this means fun in the sun activities such as camping and swimming, the warm sun can also mean damage to your device. When a phone gets overheated it can damage the battery, cause system problems, and even destroy the hardware. To prevent your phone from overheating, our team at FoxPaw has put together a list of tips to help you.

Don’t leave your phone in the car

Car temperatures can get up to a whopping 110 degrees or more on a hot summer day. To protect your phone’s battery, companies such as Apple recommends not getting the phone’s temperature past 95 degrees.

Don’t keep your phone in your pockets

Natural body heat can heat up the phone when you have it in your pocket. It is best to keep your phone devices in a cool, shaded area so it won’t overheat. Overheated batteries can sometimes leak, or even catch fire, which can cause major damage.

Don’t turn up the brightness, use a glare screen

Turning up the brightness on your screen can drain the battery. An investment for a good glare screen will help prevent your battery from overheating, and also means no matter how bright the sun is, you can see your screen.

Don’t put your phone in the freezer to cool it off

If your phone feels hot to touch, you might think that it needs to be cooled off. However putting it in the freezer is a bad idea. The extreme temperature change will cause your phone to collect moisture and in turn, break your device. Instead, try fanning your phone or turning it off while it cools down. You could also try disabling unused apps to lessen the battery usage.

If your smartphone or tablet is not performing well, bring it into your local FoxPaw kiosk or hub for a free diagnosis and repair estimate. Whether it’s a cracked screen, charging issues, or performance problems, our experts are ready to take care of your device!

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