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Signs Your Cell Phone Battery Needs to be Replaced

Posted: 12/26/2018 2:05:57 PM

Modern cell phones have increased battery life, in most cases the phones are still going strong up to 12 hours. But do you find yourself having to restart your phone more as time has passed? Do you have to keep plugging it in and seeing the battery life go from 100% to 25% within just a few hours? If you keep having to force restart and your battery keeps running out of juice constantly, it might be signs that you need to replace it.

Our team at FoxPaw has put together a list of symptoms that means it is time to replace your cell phone battery.

Phone Charge Drops Rapidly

If your phone is charged at 100% while plugged in, and then drops to 90% or 80% as soon as it’s taken off the charger, this is a sign the battery has aged and it is time to get a new one.

Phone Shuts Down Unexpectedly

If your device suddenly shuts itself down when the battery is at about 50%, it might be signs you need a new battery. Try these things first:

  • Plug your phone into a reliable charger and let it charge uninterrupted until it reaches 100 percent.
  • Once it’s fully charged, perform a soft reset by holding your sleep/wake button and your home button until the phone turns on.

  • If your device still keeps shutting down unexpectedly, it will need the battery replaced.

    Your Cell Phone Feels Hot

    Your phone battery may generate some heat, but if your phone becomes so hot that you can’t hold it, turn it off. Excessive heat can cause major damage to a cell phone and its battery.

    Expanded Phone

    If your phone looks like the image above, stop using it immediately! The battery is compromised due to being overheated, overcharged, or simply old age. It is possible the inner cells of the battery to outgas a flammable electrolyte mixture, and could light up on fire in extreme cases. If your phone is expanded like this, turn off your device, do not charge it, and bring it to FoxPaw where our expert technicians can replace the battery for you.

    Did you know FoxPaw offers a FREE Diagnostic? If you think your battery may be acting up, or your cell phone just is not performing as it used to, it is easy to get it tested by our expert technicians. Simply make an order online at FoxPaw.com and drop it off at your nearest kiosk, or visit us at our local hubs located in Webster Groves or Cottleville.

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