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The iOS 12 Beta

Posted: 7/25/2018 3:54:52 PM

All You Need To Know About the iOS 12

The iOS 12 public beta version 2 is currently available to download and with it Apple is hoping to put it’s predecessor iOS 11’s problems behind them. The Apple website says the iOS 12 is due out in the fall, and our team at FoxPaw took a look into what’s available for the new operating system.

Performance Upgrade

Apple says the new iOS can be supported by the iPhone 5S and higher and can improve speeds on the Camera app by 70% and the keyboard speed up to 50%. They also state that the apps launching speed will be 2x faster.


Apple iPhone facetime iOS

One of our favorite features of the iPhone is FaceTime and now the FaceTime app will be able to support video and audio up to 32 people at once. Perfect for keeping in touch with family and friends from different locations!

Photos App

Pictures are a big part of our lives and with the iOS 12, Apple promises to deliver a smarter photos app. A new For You tab will be added where you’ll find memories from photos and videos, along with sharing suggestions. You will also be able to search for photos taken at a specific location, event, or even by person. Multiple search terms can be used to find a particular photo.

Siri Gets More Advanced

Siri is able to currently translate English words to Spanish. With iOS 12, there will be over 40 languages to test while traveling internationally.


Apple iPhone memoji iMessage iOS

If you have an iPhone X, you’ll be able to create a memoji that looks like you and use it for iMessage. Credit: 9to5Mac

No matter what iOS you’re running, FoxPaw is able to come take care of an issues with your phone at the time and place of your choice.

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