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iPhone 7 Plus Repair

Accidents happen, so when you drop your iPhone 7 Plus and break your screen come to FoxPaw. With our easy and affordable process our professionally trained technicians can get your iPhone 7 Plus repaired and back to you quickly.

iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage

As much as we try to protect our devices from water, sometime accidents happen. If your iPhone 7 Plus does become submerged in liquid, make sure you remove the device from the liquid quickly and do not attempt to charge your device. The quicker you can get your device to one of our repair technicians, the more likely we can get your iPhone 7 Plus working again.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

The most common repairs we see for the the iPhone 7 Plus is a broken screen or old battery that needs to be replaced. Having your device repaired at FoxPaw is a quick and easy process that can take less than a hour in most cases. Our expert repair technicians can quickly repair the broken screen on your iPhone 7 Plus, or put a new battery in your device. If you do not know what is wrong with your iPhone 7 Plus, we also offer a free diagnostic service where our expert repair technicians can tell you what is wrong.

FoxPaw Understands

People today depend on there mobile device for a variety of different reasons, so we know that it is important to you to get your iPhone 7 Plus repaired quickly. At FoxPaw we have many locations that allows you to get your device repaired in a timely manner. Most repairs are completed the same day you drop off, usually taking less than a hour. Only at FoxPaw can you drop your device off at six in the morning before you go to work, and pick up as late as midnight when most other places are closed. Most repairs comes with a six month warranty covering parts and labor.

iPhone 7 Plus Repair Services

On the iPhone 7 Plus the most common repair we perform is a replacement for a broken screen. Beside broken screens FoxPaw can repair anything from broken front and rear cameras, to replacing batteries and charge ports. Most repairs come with a six month warranty to protect your repair. No appointment is needed so just come into one of our walk-in locations or drop off at one of our kiosks. For convience create your order ahead of time and drop it off at one of our locations. FoxPaw also offers many accessories from screen protectors to cases, to protect your newly repaired iPhone 7 Plus.

Free Diagnostic

Let us tell you what is wrong with your iPhone 7 Plus! Choose the free diagnostic option when you are unsure of the specific issue. Our expert repair technicians will diagnose the problem and we will contact you once complete. We will let you know what is wrong with the device and what the cost will be to fix any issues. This service is free of charge.

FoxPaw Repair Process

Our repair process for your iPhone 7 Plus is thorough so that you can be reassured that your device is fixed correctly the first time. When your device first comes in we do a complete check to assess the current state of your device. After the initial quality check the professionally trained repair technicians repairs your device. All through out the repair process we will stay in contact you so that you are always up to date on what is going on. Once the repairs on your device are complete a multipoint quality check is performed to make sure you device is returned to you fully functioning. Once the repair is done we will contact you to let you know that it is done and ready for pick up at one of our many locations.